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With the Winter Season fully upon us, and the Holidays now past us, we want to say THANK YOU, our customers and friends, for putting your trust in us. We promise to continually work hard to keep your trust, and to support this great community of ours. Our hopes for the New Year 2020 remain the same as with previous years: Peace, Positive Change for Our World, and a renewed faith in the goodness of mankind.

Too often we find ourselves stressed for time and rushing everywhere we go. It’s so important to make sure we all stop our minds from racing when we’re driving. Distracted driving is on the rise as a major cause of accidents, and this is a reason for real concern. Plan ahead, put your cell on “do not disturb” or use one of the apps available to alert people messaging you that you’re not able to respond, and pay attention not only to your driving – but to how others who share the road with you are driving.

Stay safe, have fun, and know that if you need us we are here.

Our Thanks to All of You, and our Wishes for the Very Best in 2020!

Kostas, Anna & Sons,
& The Crew at Bulls Bridge Body Shop
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