Insurance Information

Do you know your rights with regards to choosing a repair shop? Does your insurance carrier have a direct repair program or concierge program? If so, don't be misled about your choices! We personally guarantee our repairs, and are committed to YOUR complete satisfaction!

Here are a few of things you should know:

Don't be fooled by promises of getting repairs done faster! Most of the body shops that choose to participate in direct repair programs do so with many insurance companies, and it is always "first come, first served" – no matter what you may be told.
If your motor vehicle has been in an accident, remember that ONLY YOU may decide where to have your vehicle repaired and YOUR INSURER MUST RESPECT YOUR WISHES. You have the right to receive all of your insurance benefits no matter which body shop repairs your vehicle. If you feel you are being forced or "steered" into taking your car to another shop call us and let us know about it, or call the CT Insurance Department, Consumer Services Division at 800-203-3447, ext. 3620.
There is no law requiring you to go to more than one body shop for estimates. You are not legally bound to go to any drive-thru estimating offices or to an insurance company's direct repair shop. Insist that the insurance company send an appraiser out to you, or to the body shop of YOUR choice to work directly with them.

Vehicles are a large investment. Choosing the right shop for repairs is important - make sure it is YOUR CHOICE. Only YOU can authorize repairs to your car. Choose a repair facility whose loyalty is to YOU - but that can and will work with your insurance company.

Bulls Bridge Body Shop is committed to YOU. Our reputation depends on your Complete Satisfaction and we are committed to ensuring that 100%! We will work with you and your insurance company to ensure your total satisfaction!

Should you need assistance, call ahead, and Anna will help you set up your claim with the insurance company, set up your rental with Enterprise of New Milford, and work with you and the insurance appraiser and adjuster to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. Your vehicle will be repaired to your satisfaction, to pre-accident condition – and sometimes even better!