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Spring & Summer Arrive!

After an extremely odd February Spring Tease, March roared in like a lion and packed one heck of a snow punch! Suffice it to say, Spring is really on its way in, and Summer will soon follow.

This time of year it’s so important to take care of any dings or damages that may have occurred over the winter season. If rust sets in, it results in greater repair costs. More importantly, if an accident occurs and insurance sees pre-existing damages it could result in your vehicle being declared a Total Loss due to the reduced value (even if the damages are “cosmetic” and seem fully repairable otherwise).

If you are going through insurance, come by first. Many insurance companies use third party estimate writers that review photos and prepare estimates without even seeing the car. That may be fine for the simplest of damages (a side mirror), but not for 99% of accidents where damages may be underneath or behind panels. Let us take care of the insurance work for you, and know then that everything will be done right.

We always do our very best to ensure your complete satisfaction in all repairs, and to assist you with insurance claims and auto rentals. We offer a wide range of services. Know that it is always your choice where to have your vehicle repaired and an estimate written. Visit our website for information regarding your right to choose a repair shop and rest assured Your Complete Satisfaction is Always Our Number 1 Priority!

Enjoy the Spring and Summer, stay safe, happy & healthy!

Warmest Regards,
Kostas, Anna & Sons,
& The Crew at Bulls Bridge Body Shop
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