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Happy Days are Here Again...

The Skies Above are finally clear again! We welcome the warm weather and all that it brings to our beautiful Northwest Corner of Connecticut!

With the Season of Renewal comes warmer and longer days (hopefully) filled with sunshine and the ability to enjoy all that our amazing towns have to offer. There will be summer sales days, village fairs, local festivals and more, so make sure to make the best of every opportunity to enjoy the Spring & Summer! Visit the chamber of commerce websites and you will be amazed at all that you may have been missing. Rent a bicycle and go for a ride on many of the best trails in the area, go waterside and fish in the rivers & lakes, go into the downtowns and enjoy outdoor eateries, shop at the boutiques for wonderful treasures you can’t find at the mall, have an ice cream, gelato or decadent chocolate, and visit the many antique stores and galleries that we are so famous for.

Get your automobiles ship shape after this very trying winter, make sure there are no dings or damages to diminish your car’s values, and be especially careful to also check your tire treads. If they are low, go to your trusted mechanic for replacement – tires are the first line of defense against all accidents.

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Warmest Regards,
Kostas, Anna & Sons,
& The Crew at Bulls Bridge Body Shop
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