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The New Year 2019 will bring with it new challenges, and new hopes. Although we have seen many tragedies in the past year (natural and man-caused), we find hope in the belief that people – almost everywhere – are more aware of their impact on our world. It is our wish that Peace finds its way back into our society, our nation, our world. It is our wish that people everywhere find their common good and bring about positive changes. Perhaps this wish can become a global New Year’s Resolution.

We want to thank you – our good customers and friends, for all that you do to make our tiny corner of this world a beautiful place, and for your many years of support in the work that we do. We are proud of the support that we give to so many charitable organizations in our local towns who work so hard to help so many. Giving back is one way that we can say Thank You. We strive to provide you with both excellent repairs and excellent personal customer service. We know that you are our Number 1 Priority, and that you deserve the best that we have to offer. We are proud to be a member of this wonderful community, and thank you for your confidence in us.

This season, and every season, remember to always have a designated driver to and from your celebration destinations. Stay safe, have fun, and know that if you need us we are here.

Our Thanks to All of You, and our Wishes for the Very Best in 2019!

Kostas, Anna & Sons,
& The Crew at Bulls Bridge Body Shop
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